Water Chemistry:


Water Quality: Test your water weekly. This can be done with Taylor liquid test kits or Aqua Check test strips.


Alkalinity: The first thing to adjust when balancing water. This is raised with Sodium Bicarbonate & lowered with Muriatic Acid.


PH: The ideal PH balance for pools are 7.4 and for Spas 7.2


Phosphates: compounds of the non-metallic element phosphorous and are a primary food for source for all types of algae. Having trouble beating an algae bloom, check your phosphate levels. Once levels exceed 200 ppb( parts per billion) the algae becomes resistant to sanitizers. Should this be the case try our "Phosphate Remover" a non-toxic, non-hazardous material.



When cleaning the surface of your pool with a leaf net, work your way around the sides first, then clean from the middle of the pool to the sides.

Keep the trees and shrubs around your pool trimmed back to minimize the amount of leaves and debris that end up in the pool.

Empty your skimmer baskets frequently. You'll help minimize the amount of leaves that end up on the bottom of your pool.